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The Siem Offshore logo is the visual symbol of our brand. It proudly represents our Company, our dedicated employees, vessels, and the quality services we deliver.

The Siem Offshore logo is available in two different versions: horizontal and vertical. Each version is available in two different color options: color and grayscale.

The horizontal color version against a white background is the preferred option, and should be used wherever possible to enhance recognition, association, and memorability. The vertical logo should only be used when space is limited and when it aligns better with the overall format.

The Siem Offshore logo is registered trademark. We allow the use of our logo provided on the condition that you adhere to the guidelines given below.


Logo Guidelines

The Siem Offshore logo comprises a symbol and the company’s name. The Viking Sail symbolizes our proud heritage as the descendants of courageous, talented, and innovative seafarers.

The logo is the unifying symbol of Siem Offshore, therefore it is important that it is always used in a consistent manner and of the highest quality.

The logo has a fixed layout. No logo layouts other than the ones presented here, should be use. Always ensure that there is clear space between text and other graphic design elements.

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