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Helle Nordhagen

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Helle works as an advisor in the HSEQ (Health, safety, environment, and quality)-department at Siem Offshore’s headquarter in Norway. The HSEQ-department is an integral part of the Company and in all our daily activities and run parallel to the commercial and operational aspects of the company. The HSEQ policies say that we shall protect and minimize the impact we have on the environment. We always strive for zero damage to property and assets, and that we have zero harm to personnel.

What is your role in Siem Offshore?

In my role as HSEQ Advisor, I see myself as a system facilitator and now I work a lot with the development of our Business Management System, and the processes in how we work. Incidents and accidents will happen, and my responsibility is how we work with these and how we learn from them. In the HSEQ department, we facilitate the continuous improvement of how we work - that is the essence of HSEQ.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

I love that we are an international company and I like the way we work together. That we are small enough that we can work closely, yet also so big that we are global. I like working in an international environment, the opportunities to create different relationships, learn about different cultures and differences, and that you work towards common goals. What we want – at the end of the day – is for everyone to return home safely. It fascinates me that we can work from different starting points, but towards the same goal.

How has your journey been since you started?

From when I started 15 months ago until now, I have learned so much, and it has been a big step for me personally. It is incredibly fun to be included in such exciting work. It's exciting that you get the opportunity to take part in new things, and there's room to come up with input on how we should proceed to solve things.

In the HSEQ department, we are a very good team because we are different, we have different knowledge and are good at building on each other and working together, but still, we have responsibility for our own things. We work with each of our "pillars", but there is a low threshold for reaching out.

If you should give a new employee in Siem Offshore a word of advice, what would it be?

Say YES! If you get an opportunity, don't be afraid to take it. There are so many good people here with a lot of knowledge and having the courage to ask and take a seat at the table is important. You will be supported on the way forward if you dare to say yes.

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